Rack mount 12-slot chassis. Includes Fan tray

Производитель: AlliedTelesis
Код: AT-SBx8112
Внутренний артикул: 015360
282 240 р.

Шасси Rack mount 12-slot chassis. Includes Fan tray

The AT-SBx8112 Chassis is a 7RU unit. It has slots for ten Ethernet line cards, two controller cards, two system power supply modules, and two PoE power supply modules. The chassis components are identified in Figure 6 here and Figure 7.


Slots 1 to 4 and 7 to 12 are for the Ethernet line cards. The cards may be installed in any order or variety in the slots.

Slots 5 and 6 are for the AT-SBx81CFC400 Controller Fabric Card, of which there must be at least one in the chassis. You may add a second controller to add redundancy or to increase the available traffic bandwidth of the chassis.


Slots A and B are for the AT-SBxPWRPOE1 AC Power Supply, shown in Figure 4. The power supply is used to provide power to the PoE ports on the AT-SBx81GP24 Line Card. (These slots are not used if the chassis does not have AT-SBx81GP24 Line Cards.) There are two slots for AT-SBxPWRPOE1 AC Power Supplies. You may install two modules to increase the available PoE power for the powered devices or to add power redundancy. For more information, refer to Power over Ethernet on the AT-SBx81GP24 Line Card.

Slots C and D are for the AT-SBxPWRSYS1 Power Supply, which powers all the hardware components of the chassis, except for the PoE feature on the ports of the AT-SBx81GP24 PoE Line Card. The chassis must have at least one AT-SBxPWRSYS1 Power Supply. One module can power a fully populated chassis. However, you may install two power supplies to add power redundancy to the chassis.

There are AC and DC versions of the AT-SBxPWRSYS1 Power Supply. Refer to Figure 4 for illustrations of the modules.

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